Dear "Hardcore"........

How much does a wrestler get paid on the Indys?
Well it depends on the fed and the draw. Some feds pay better than others and SSCW is one of those better ones.

What happened to Storm?
Last I heard she was at home with her family taking a break from wrestling. 

How old is Rick Miller? guess is I dont know. Ask him yourself.

Does SSCW have a training school?
The answer is yes and no. They do offer training but only if you give them your best. Prime examples are JT Taylor, Scotty Biggs and myself are all alumni of SSCW wrestling school. You can email for more info.

Is wrestling fake?
I get this question alot. According to my healthcare provider the answer is no. You people try taking a bodyslam and splash by a 300lb guy and tell me if it is fake. 

Do you wrestle anywhere else?
Yes. I also wrestle for CCW based out of Yulee, Florida. They run shows in Fernidina Beach, Fl and Folkston, GA.

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