February 2, 2008 Results from Enigma, GA
(Attendence 149)

Samantha Steel & The Soviet defeated Top Flight in 6:22

A Man Named Rouge defeated Tommy of Top Flight in 7:17

Jelena scored the second and third falls to win the SSCW Women's Title from Samantha Steel in 5:11

JT Taylor defeated "Big Nasty" Bryan Fury in 7:47

“Dynamite” Scotty Biggs defeated Maddog Miller in 10: 23

SSCW Tag Team Title Match: The New Radical Nation ("Hardcore" Brooks Rogers & Unknown Soldier) defeated the Gangsta Nation (G-Smooth & E-Dogg) in 12:31

SSCW Heavyweight Championship: “Mr. Saturday Night” Jarrod Michaels defeated SSCW Heritage Champion “Rock n Roll” Chris Turner with interference by Rouge in 13:14

***results courtesy www.georgiawrestlinghistory.com and Thomas Bugg***

January 5, 2008 Results from Enigma, GA
(Attendence 118)

Match 1 – Singles Match

The Soviet defeated Logan Stevens with a Camel Clutch.

Match 2 – SSCW Ladies Championship

 Jelena won via DQ over Ladies Champion Samantha Steel after interference from The Soviet.
***After the match Commission Larry Hall suspended The Soviet indefinitely.

Match 3 – SSCW Southern Heritage Title

 Champion “Rock n Roll” Chris Turner retained the title by defeating Maddog Miller.

Match 4 – Singles Match

 Logan Stevens defeated Ash Kristensan with a backslide rollup for the pin.

Match 5 – Special Challenge Match

 “Hardcore” Brooks Rogers defeated “Big Nasty” Bryan Fury with his finisher “The Hard Way” for the pin.

Match 6 – Singles Match

 “Dynamite” Scotty Biggs defeated A Man Named Rouge with his finisher “The Dominator” for the pin.

***After the match Maddog Miller ran in and began attacking Biggs with Rouge. Chris Turner made the save. Biggs and Turner requested Next Month that they face Rouge/Miller in a tag match.

Match 7 – Non Title Match

***JT Taylor dedicated this match to his recently deceased mother.

 JT Taylor defeated SSCW Champion “Mr. Saturday Night” Jarrod Michaels with “The Old School Neckbreaker”. This was a non title match.

There was 118 in attendance. Next show will be February 2, 2008 back in Enigma, GA. Belltime is 7:30.

December 15, 2007 Results from Enigma, GA
(Attendence 124)

3 Title Changes and a partridge in a pear tree is what happened on December 15th in Enigma. It was a hot night with a December record crowd on 124 was on hand as a huge mile stone night for SSCW.

First off the NEW interm commissioner was announced...it was former "manager of champions" Mr. GQ. He told the crowd that even though they didnt like him that he would treat them to a hell of a show and he did. He ordered EVERY title to be defended except the Ladies. He had something in store for her. He also ordered a battle royal with the winner to face SSCW Champion Scotty Biggs in the MAIN EVENT.


Match 1 - Singles Match

Logan Stevens defeated The Soviet Igor Berkoph.  

Match 2 - Battle Royal

14 Men and 1 Woman entered. All was eliminated except Jarrod Michaels and JT Taylor. These two fought hard and long. Taylor then tried to eliminate Michaels whom pulled Taylor out as well. The ref said both feet hit the ground at the exact same time and ruled that both men would advance to the main event. This will make the SSCW Championship Match a triple threat!

Match 3 - Family Fued Street Fight   

'Hardcore" Brooks Rogers defeated "The Enforcer" Chris Rogers with a kendo stick shot to the back followed by a modified version of a neckbreaker called the 'Hard Way".

Match 4 - SSCW Southern Heritage Championship    

"Rock n Roll" Chris Turner upset Jarrod Michaels with a small package to become NEW SOUTHERN HERITAGE CHAMPION!!!!!!

Match 5 - SSCW Tag Team Championship

**Note** Unknown Soldier and "Hardcore" Brooks Rogers came out before the bell and announced to the crowd that they were sick and tired of being treated unfairly by the NEW SSCW Board of Directors and it was time to make a stand. They announced they are now part of a faction called "NRN" or New Radical Nation. Commissioner Mr. GQ told them that he had something for them. He put them in a match with the current tag team champions The Soviet Alliance (The Soviet Alliance won the belts back in November in a Tag Tournament in North Florida). He told them it would be 3 on 2. NRN agreed to the match and it was started on the spot.

NRN(Soldier and Rogers) defeated The Soviet Alliance and Samantha Steel to regain the SSCW TAG TEAM TITLES.

Match 6 MAIN EVENT - SSCW Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match

Jarrod Michaels defeated Scotty Biggs and JT Taylor to become the NEW SSCW CHAMPION!!


October 13, 2007 Results from Enigma, Ga

It was a very historic night in Enigma as GWA announced it was sold to a private investment group. The all new SSCW was born. The new company decided to allow all champions to keep their titles but they must be defended tonight. The only exception was Samantha Steel's ladies championship. She was already signed to another match.

Also Unknown Soldier was unable to attend due to injury. SSCW informed Brooks Rogers that the belts must be defended tonight or they would be stripped. He was assisted by Ash Kristenson.

SSCW also made a very shocking first signing. JT Taylor returned to the ring after 10 months. He left GWA due to a "contract dispute". This shocked everyone and was not expected. Taylor is a former state and national high school wrestling champion.

Also on the next show, December 15, 2007. The new commissioner will take his position. The only mystery is who is might be?


Match 1 - Mixed Tag Team Match

Jelena and Logan Stevens defeated The Soviet Igor Berkoph and Samantha Steel.

Match 2-Singles Match

Vinn Detta defeated Carlton Xero

Match 3 -Southern States Championship

JT Taylor won via DQ against Champion Jarrod Michaels

Match 4 - Tag Team Championship

Heater and Mark Zout defeated Brooks Rogers and Ash Kristenson*
*Ash filled in for an injuried Unknown Soldier

Match 5 - Heavyweight Championship

Scotty Biggs retained the Heavyweight Championship by defeating "The 7 ft monster" Lou Cypher